Tips When Considering A Job Promotion

shutterstock_8514307Getting promoted is something that many employees wish for. It is the result of one’s strive for development and career advancement. There are some things you need to consider first upon receiving such news. You need to think it over first before accepting the promotion. Here are some things worth addressing.

Consider The Tradeoffs
Before you accept a promotion offer, make sure that you are aware of what such a move may entail. There are certain responsibilities you need to take and there are certain luxuries you may need to sacrifice as a result. Consider the balance between how a job promotion may affect your current life. If you can accept the tradeoffs, then you can go for it.

Career-Building Move
Make sure that, before you consider a job promotion, you are taking a step that will put you up in the career ladder. Sometimes a job promotion will give you responsibilities that will lead you away from your intended course. You may sometimes consider a promotion as a detour. If you are all about trying to advance your career at the least possible time, this is something that you should consider before accepting any promotion offered to you. It may not matter if the detour you are taking offers more opportunities for growth in a different area that you also like to pursue.

Expected Benefits
Another important consideration for whether to accept a job promotion may involve the benefits you will receive. Most job promotions come with a pay raise. But you also need to inquire about this since the difference may not be that much. Consider the benefits your get is worth the added responsibilities you will be getting upon taking the new role. It is always possible to negotiate with your boss regarding benefits to come upon a mutual agreeable solution that will appeal to both parties.

Job Readiness
Another thing to consider before accepting a job promotion is whether you are personally ready for it. Sure, you boss may think that you are qualified for the promotion because of your performance and hard work. But it is up to you to decide whether you have equipped yourself with that you need in order to achieve the new responsibilities that come with the promotion. If you lack certain skills that the job promotion requires, your performance might possibly suffer and might end up taking a step backwards in your career journey instead of going forward.

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