Be Noticed At Work

Careers are made when you are being noticed at the workplace. Even if you excel in what you do but do not stand out among the other employees, you sometimes will not be rewarded for your efforts. There are simple ways to help you stand out among the others at the workplace.

Smile always
Smiling at the office can take you a long way. A simple smile can tell people that you have a positive and energetic attitude. Your smile can be contagious. It can rub off on your colleagues at work. It becomes an important trait if you always have to face clients and customers. Your smile and your positive attitude will even help endear you to your bosses. Who knows, your smile might get you that promotion if you pair it with good performance at work.

Do something extra at work
Sometimes, you can stand out by the work ethic you show. You can try staying an extra hour at work to finish your tasks or to keep you ahead on your work schedule and avoid a pile up. You can also try to join other activities at work such as planning for a team building outing or the upcoming Christmas party. Contributing something extra may get you that opportunity to be noticed and stand out.

Eye contact matters
And when you deal with the clients or work colleagues, try to maintain your eye contact with them. Not only do you see into your clients or colleagues when doing so, it can also show that you are focused and attentive. At meetings, it means that you are listening intently to what issues are being tackled. The eyes can tell a lot about you and what you are trying to express. Try to use it to your advantage in trying to stand out at the workplace.

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